Friday, 19 January 2018

An adventure for AJJ and 2nd travelers notebook

I'm starting to get fed up with the cold grey (and often very windy) days here in the UK as they are making me feel less motivated to do much. I'm not sure I achieved so much this week and the woman in the piece I made for AJJ looks like she might be about to doze off too - maybe she needs to go somewhere sunny and warm on some adventure to change that.

Linking up to AJJ New Year, New Adventures  theme where the lovely Erika from BioArtGal is hosting ths month.
I used a white Neocolour 1 wax crayon as a resist on background then added water soluble Neocolours 2 and watercolours - added drawing and words  then finished with some some digital additions from my own made (previously )digital kits.

Below is the original piece before digital alterations.

This year I am hoping to finish half started things from previous years
like this male portrait.

Although I've done a few soft pastel pieces in the last couple of years, I'm fairly new to using pastels and still trying to grasp how to do things.. i.e when using soft pastels, when to use the pastel pencils or 'hard pastels' and understanding paper types and how many layers of pastels they might take and if I need a fixative, how to store them so they don't smudge etc  argghhhh!!  hopefully by the end year I might have a little more idea on how to do this!

And I'd like to do some bookbinding/making this year. This is the second attempt at a 'Travelers notebook' and bigger one than the previous one.. the pages inside are about 7" x 5".

The cover is a sandwich of 2 layers of green felt with a sheet of craft foam in the middle. I hand sewed around the edges and across the middle and should have used my machine instead as the sewing is awful - don't look too closely!

I'll probably decorate the outside some more later but for now I just want to see how I get on using it.
I added threes sections of pages inside - some plain paper and some lined.
I hope a third attempt on one of these style books (as soon as I can find some nice material and/or vinyl) will be better.

Have a great weekend
and thanks for stopping by
Gill x

Monday, 8 January 2018

New Year adventures week one

Hello.... A week gone from 2018 already - and I know it's early days but I did quite well doing some of the things that  I hope to achieve this year.  My digital page is a list of what I think would be achievable  and as the theme over at    AJJ  this month is 'New Year, New Adventures'  (hosted by Erika from BioArtGal ) I am linking to there.

The photography course book I have started to read is for 20 weeks
 but as long as I have completed it by the end of the year I will be happy.

I hope I learn some skills to improve the quality of taking photos indoors as I had 
awful trouble trying to photograph my white Steampunk tree and its coloured lights.

I was sad to take down all the Christmas trees and other bits as the lights
 were lovely and cheerful and made me forget the grey wintry days outside.

I have been playing my keyboards again - but not this one,
this is the one I started decorating last year which needed more doing to it.

I used a mix of alcohol inks, black and white Posca paint pens and alcohol pens.

I always say I have a bit more confidence sewing after a little drink
 but I'm not sure it works with painting ha ha.

First go painting people using that Hazel Soan book I had for Christmas.

And as for learning to sew (its on my list too)...I altered a waistband on my PJs - taking out elastic and machined it up with a cord instead. And for more sewing next, I hope to make one of those 'Travelers style journals' with a fabric cover, which may also come under learning a 'new craft'... My first attempt yesterday with a mini one of those was using craft foam and laminated paper but I don't think its very sturdy.

And finally..because the weather in the UK has been cold and grey and what with the dreadful flu virus going around, it makes me feel that I just want to stay inside and hibernate. 
So for exercise - with the aid of some on line videos I have been learning to .. no laughing please!..... 'line dance' .... yes really!  ... something called 'the electric slide'. 

Hope your new year and any new adventures are going well..
thanks for stopping by
Gill x

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

New Year - New Adventures


I hope your New Year has started well... 
at  AJJ the theme is New Year, New Adventures   and this month the lovely Erika from BioArtGal is hosting. 
Every new year I seem to say I'm going to do such and such and then never remember what I said at the end of the year. This year I'm giving it more thought for achievable things I can keep up which I will tell of in another post... but some adventures have already begun!

So my page for AJJ this time was made with Portfolio water soluble crayons, watercolour paints, white candle as a resist and then lastly I digitally added the word art.

and also linking to Moo Mania where the theme is
WELCOME Somebody / Something / The New Year

thanks for stopping by
Gill x

Friday, 29 December 2017

Lets Celebrate 2017

This is my first post since Christmas, so if you celebrate that I hope you had a wonderful time.
It seems one minute we were waiting for Christmas and in almost a blink of the eye that was over and now we await the New Year. 
My last page for this year for AJJ and Sheilas wonderful theme 'Lets Celebrate' is to raise a toast and celebrate all the good things in 2017... which are too many things to list.
My page is a mix of real art and digital.
You'll see further down what this was like before I added the digital words, digital grungy bits (I created those previously) and also added further colour/marks using various digital brushes.

My page started like this using mainly water soluble crayons

Then I felt a bit more braver and added more

Celebrating the lovely food Dave cooked for us in 2017
Dave is hoping I will learn to cook myself in 2018... at long last! 
(ha ha ..wonder how many years have I been saying that!)

Celebrating handmade cards
        A shelf of special handmade Christmas cards.

Celebrating the little things that make me smile...
The twinkling lights and the 
Steampunk tree always make me happy :)

Celebrating music
Over in my music corner of the lounge I have been playing carols and Christmas songs and all sorts - I'm not good at it but like when sewing, I play better with a little glass of something (that has been hidden out of sight!) ;)
And even my keyboard has a Steampunk sort of screen saver on it

I probably spend more time watching this than playing!

 We had a lovely little hamper from my cousin and his wife in New Orleans and
 the first thing I thought of was, what can I use the basket for.

And.. this is what Santa kindly left - he knows that I love arty books (thank you Santa x) and yes there are 3 different palettes, 2 of them are the 'peel off paint' sort for acrylics with one having a lid to hopefully make the paint last longer. 
Hope Santa left some lovely goodies for you also :)

That's my lots for now...
So I thank you for all your visits and comments this year
which are always much appreciated
and I wish you and your family a Happy, Healthy and Peaceful 2018

Gill xxx


Saturday, 23 December 2017

Lets Celebrate Learning plus a Christmas Greeting


Today, for Sheilas wonderful 'Lets Celebrate' theme at AJJ I have this watercolour with a little added Neocrayon which came about from an exercise in a wonderful book called 'Expressive painting in Mixed Media' by Soraya French.
The wording added is digital.
I'm celebrating 'learning' - as my 'painting' knowledge is pretty limited so the art books I am reading at present are to help inspire and also teach me everything I need to know about paints, mediums and equipment. I really want to learn everything I can!

Not long until the 25th, so if you are celebrating, I will wish you and your family 
a very Merry Christmas and hope you have a wonderful time and Happy Holiday!

Gill x

Sunday, 17 December 2017

Lets Celebrate


It's a bitterly cold Sunday here in the UK I hope its a bit warmer wherever you are.

After months of having a real good old clear out indoors I am now celebrating having more 'space'and so what a great idea to celebrate that and join in with Sheila from Orange Esmeralda fabulous theme over at AJJ this month 'Lets Celebrate'.

OK so my digital page isn't the exact 'space' I have -  I was thinking of doing a big empty cupoard but that would have been less exciting :)
I've always loved to watch the night sky and at this time of year when its cold and the sky is clear, the stars always seem to twinkle more and make me wonder what else is out there..
So I want to celebrate that 'space' too :)

Next I have a page for Moo Mania for the Christmas theme

A quick little painting of a vase of Christmas roses and 
a sprig of holly with some digital additions at the bottom.

At last my Christmas card making is finished, the trees have been up since 22nd November and there's not much else to do for Christmas except getting last minute fruit and veg and putting some more decorations up maybe.

Dave has been busy making cookies using a Jamie Oliver 5 ingredient recipe and the making some other versions... well you have to try all sorts don't you?
 This is an over head shot of a box of cookies - they are all piled on top of each other.
These ones are cherry with chocolates chip and Apricot crumble. I would have shown the lemon, ginger and also the apple crumble ones but they have mysteriously disappeared but you can help yourself to the others if you'd like one.

thanks for stopping by,
hope you have a lovely day

Gill x

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Back soon-ish and an apology x

Hello dear friends

I hope all is well with you :)

Firstly I must apologise for not visiting you for several weeks now. I intended to post an explanation of my absence weeks ago but seem to have lost track of the time - sorry x
You know when you run out of space because you have too many things that you have hoarded over the years (or inherited) but don't use or need anymore and no room for new stuff - well I am busy de-cluttering - not very exciting - but it was long over due.

From an art/craft  point of view my working space was getting smaller too and it seemed a good idea to do something to change that after Dave suggested that maybe I'd like to think about what I do or don't like doing now and then get rid of the things I am no longer interested in.

Having a good sort out - I found lots of items I hadn't seen for ages like some blank canvases that  I am dying to do something with.... so Dave and I took down some old faded prints in our lounge and replaced them with some of them to inspire us to get sorted out soon so we can do something with the canvases.

So until we get time - they will stay like this and I will say this is modern art... or maybe its paintings of some polar bears in a snow storm :)

I probably won't blog for several more weeks but I will try to visit you when possible.

                                     Hope to be back blogging soon