Thursday, 25 May 2017



Today I have a digital page for the AJJ 'Elegance and Grunge' theme

Some buildings can look shabby with their peeling paint and cracked brickwork but somehow can still look so elegant - I found these images and just had to use them.
The Images I used were from a Serif cd 'Serif Pro Images collection 2'.
The font is called Gabriola. The digi-kits used are ones I made some time ago called ‘Grunge it' and 'Natasha' - (the leaves don't actually belong to the flowers but were some small chard leaves growing in our garden which I liked the look of to go with the flowers which I can never remember the name of).
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Gill x

Wednesday, 24 May 2017


For Elegance and Grunge theme at AJJ

This page has a soft and grungy Aquamarker background made scribbling the markers on a piece of cellophane first then either spritzed or breathed on it and then pressed that down onto the paper to transfer the ink.  I found the decoupage hand in my stash and cut a little of the cuff of and pleated a small piece of vintage lace behind it.

Not certain how old the lace was but it either belonged to my husbands grandmother, or going by the sewing contents in the old box it came from it was more likely his great grandmother, so possibly over or around a 100 years old. Words printed from my PC.

That's my lot for today but if you haven't already joined in there's still time to join in this month to the 'Elegance and Grunge' theme at AJJ and lots of  lovely inspiration there too - thank you to everyone taking part.

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Monday, 22 May 2017



My page today for the AJJ 'Elegance and Grunge' theme is an all digital page made using Craft Artist software and a digikit called 'pin up chic' from Daisytrail.
Not a lot of grunge but she sure is elegant :)

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Sunday, 21 May 2017



Hope you are having a lovely weekend.
It looks like being a hot day here today so I'm off out to do some gardening etc before it gets too hot.

But first...todays page for 'Elegance and Grunge' at AJJ

 I started off with a piece of yellow A4 card but it was soon covered with brown paint.
The candles were from the front of a local free magazine - so I cut them out, stuck them down and painted around them and the rest of the area with brown acrylic paint. I then found some decoupage scraps of flowers and the hand, stuck them down and added some iridescent glitter glue to the flowers, lace cuff and her ring. I printed the quote out and added some Neocolor 2s around the edge. Finished off around edges of the page with some Pebeo Dyna paints and odd splodges of glitter glue.
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Gill x

Friday, 19 May 2017

Stylish Elegance and Grunge and letter journals

Hello everyone

It's Friday again - hope your week has been good and you've got some fun planned for the weekend. Weather permitting I will be working in the garden again but also hope for some play time too and to read two new arty books.

Today I have some (hopefully) stylish  'Elegance and grunge' for AJJ
This is an all digital piece. I used an ancestors  photo - the elegant stylish lady we called her Auntie Bette but she was actually a 2nd cousin. The digikit 'Grunge It' is one I made... it includes photos of paper flowers, lace ribbon, brackets and some digitally drawn items.

 I created my first letter journals recently and today I am showing some pages from one as it has been received...
But sadly the beautiful one that the lovely Beo made for me got lost in the post... these things happen of course, but I was sad also for Beo, for all the creativity and time she had taken to make this wonderful lost letter journal. I know how wonderful it was because I have seen photos - it was amazing! - so I hope it is found by someone who will enjoy and appreciate all the work that went in to it..

But then ..oh wow! I had a big surprise - a new beautiful letter journal arrived :) You may have seen some of the pages from  the beautiful letter journal that Beo made for me  and I'm sure you can  imagine my delight :) and wasn't that was so very  kind..
Photos never seem to quite show all the details and colours the same as in real life - and I have so very lucky that in 'real life' I am the recipient of this fantastic creation - thank you once again Beo, I love it xx :)

The following are some of the pages in my letter journal to Beo. 
front cover - hasn't quite scanned the colour quite right.
Beate had encouraged me some time ago to try gelli printing when I had been afraid I might have ruined the plate - so now of course I am fearless (ha ha ) and had to do lots of gelli prints on my pages.


The house was folded on one side and opened up for my message
I also used this opportunity to make some things inspired by a Carla Sonheim book that Beo recommended too called Drawing Lab for Mixed Media Artists: 52 Creative Exercises to Make Drawing Fun

 thanks so much for stopping by,
have a great day and wonderful weekend
Gill x

Thursday, 18 May 2017


For AJJ 'Elegance and Grunge'

The background is acrylic paint plus a few various washi tapes,  I also used craft foam and punched small holes in, to use as a stamp. The stickers I found in my stash and the words say 'Elegance can't be bought - it comes naturally'.

A shortish post today as I am off out into the garden to help Dave dig up old some surface tree roots and try digging over some ground where some old trees were cut down.
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Gill x

Wednesday, 17 May 2017


Hello all

Hope your week going well.
I'd intended to post yesterday but we had an unusually hot day and I spent most of it outside and got a bit of heat stroke - probably my own fault for going out after Dave and I had lunch and a bottle of wine.  And oh..there was a small incident on the way back from a garden centre walking along a busy road with a narrow pavement. In one hand I was holding 7ft long garden canes and in the other a pot of meal worms for the Robins... then not sure what happened but suddenly the meal worms had rolled out into the road - luckily it wasn't me and luckily I got them back in one piece for the Robins too. I shall stick to cold soft drinks on a hot day from now on!

And now for AJJ 'Elegance and Grunge' I have this page..

I drew around my hand and painted it with neocolor 2's and the nails I painted with Radiant pearls paint in 'candyapple' and then used clear embossing powder over the top and heated.
The black background was done by rubbing black Neocolor 1 over an embossing folder that was under my page. Printed the words out from my pc. 
We are a little over half way through May already and I've loved seeing all the fantastic pages you've been linking to 'Elegance and Grunge' at AJJ thank you so much. 
Thanks for stopping by.
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Gill x